I like how the flexibility of a personal website allows me to write something with a bit more depth, and in a more dynamic format, than what you would normally see in a static CV. (I do have one of those too—you can download it here as a PDF.)

Ultimately, the goal of these pages is to tell a compelling story about why you, your organization, or someone in your network should consider hiring me. I’m casting a wide net in my job search, and this site reflects that—but I’d love to have a conversation and talk more about how my skills and experience could be applied toward a specific opportunity.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • About: Writing a professional summary is hard, and this page fleshes out what I try to say in the snippet that appears at the top of my resume and in the headline of this website.
  • Skills: I’ll be the first to admit that my experience to date has been somewhat eclectic. This page pulls together a few common threads in the form of skills I can apply wherever I go next.
  • Experience: On this page, I not only summarize the employers and roles I’ve had over the past five years, but also place them within the bigger picture of my professional trajectory.
  • Education: Coming from a background in political economy and China studies, in grad school I narrowed my focus to online political communication and digital social research methods. Read more here!